Cosmetic Filling in Kanpur

To restore minor cracks, fractures, and decay, the dentists at Woodbury Dental Care will place white (cosmetic) fillings. These fillings are made from composite resin, a tooth-colored material. Our white fillings are similar in both texture and color to your natural teeth, making them an attractive and discreet option for restoring oral health. As part of the procedure, the composite material is bonded directly to the tooth, which helps to strengthen the existing tooth structure.

When in place, white fillings will:

  • Add cosmetic appeal to your smile
  • Restore and enhance the strength of your existing tooth
  • Improve the overall function of your mouth

The composite resin material can be used in any tooth to restore function, beauty, and health. Cosmetic fillings can be placed in just a single appointment at our clinic. Which means they are an efficient and effective option for most people.